Engineering and Design Services in Kansas City metropolitan area


Our engineering services focus on ensuring a structure is sound and safe, following all standards and practices, and suitable for occupation. Depending on the type of consumer you are, these services are will vary depending on the needs that you have. For homeowners, we will focus on evaluating or creating plans for remodeling and repairs and ensuring that certain ideas will be possible to implement. Our realtor services will focus on inspections related to the sales of a home or structure. Finally, our contractor services will involve evaluation of specifications, complete inspections, and any type of structural problem solving and planning.

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Our design services are available to help people visualize designs or changes to existing structures. Our home and residential design service focuses on a variety of designs including initial ideas and drawings for permits. Our remodel or renovation design service will help with reconfiguring existing buildings which can also work with our home addition design services. We also offer a variety of services to help you more accurately preview work including 3D Modeling and rendering as well as virtual reality touring options.

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