Home Addition Design Services in Kansas City

When a home is no longer big enough to support your needs, the options are fairly limited. You can either move into a larger home, look into designing a new home and having it built, or you can turn to a home addition. The addition is the only option that keeps you in your current home, which you may already love aside from the now obvious space issue. Many problems can be solved with an extensive remodel or renovation but there are times when there just isn't enough space and an addition is required.

A home addition is much more than just remodeling to create a room where extra space exists, it requires expanding the actual footprint of the home to add extra usable space. This will require the input of a member of our residential engineering team to ensure the new foundation is added to code and will be able to properly tie into your existing home. When doing an addition it is very important that, once completed, it does not look like an addition, and this is where our team shines. By following existing structural and design elements of your home, we can design an addition that looks like it was always there. Just to be sure it is going to look perfect, we can utilize 3D Modeling and rendering to create a photo realistic image of the finished product to be sure it fits right in.

Addition Design Process

Because home additions do require structural work, they're more closely related to a build than a remodel. This is an overview of the process for designing an addition.

  1. Initial meeting with client to discuss ideas and concepts and look over the location where the addition will be.
  2. We create an initial design based on your ideas and the space.
  3. Review initial design with client.
  4. Make any changes to the design.
  5. Repeat previous 2 steps until the client is happy with the design.
  6. Have the engineers perform the necessary structural calculations.
  7. Create plans that will be approved by the city to get permit.

Once you have your approved plans, you can take them to your preferred contractor to begin construction on the addition.

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