Remodel or Renovation Design Services in Kansas City

Sometimes, we are just not happy with the existing space in our home. We don't need to sell and move to a new home because it is possible to perform extensive remodeling or renovations to the home. With the help of an experienced designer, we can help you maximize the usable space in your home and provide you with plans to expedite the construction process. A remodel can be as small as updating a bathroom or kitchen all the way to completely redoing entire sections of a home. In the event that a simple renovation will not accomplish what you're wanting, we can also provide home addition design services.

Renovation is something that is becoming very popular among people that are either preparing a home for sale or even flipping. Depending on how expansive the remodeling is, many items can be undertaken by a skilled Do It Yourself remodeler. It is important when doing extensive renovations to be sure you're not removing structural walls and still abiding by the codes in place. Depending on how big of a remodel happening, we may need to involve the residential engineering team to look into the plans and make any suggestions where necessary. In addition to the designing, we can provide you with a photo realistic rendering so you can be sure the new space will look exactly as planned.

Remodel Design Process

Often times, depending on how big of an undertaking the remodel is, it can be similar to building a new home. This is an overview of our remodel and renovation design process.

  1. Initial meeting with client to discuss ideas and concepts and look over the available space to be remodeled.
  2. We create an initial design based on your ideas and the space.
  3. Review initial design with client.
  4. Make any changes to the design.
  5. Repeat previous 2 steps until the client is happy with the design.
  6. Have the engineers perform any necessary structural calculations.
  7. Create plans that will be approved by the city to get permit.

Once you have your approved plans, you can take them to your preferred contractor to begin construction on the renovation.

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